Estimates are based on the specifications received and subject to the interpretation of the customer service experts. Differences in the final order are billable as additional changes. All prices are subject to review of the final artwork.

Whenever possible we guarantee our prices for thirty (30) days from the estimate date. However, material and fulfillment costs are beyond our control and final prices will reflect the current prices for these variations.

Turnaround times are estimated at our standard production schedule. Any expedited services are subject to premium service charges.

Prices are all verified by the estimator and are subject to approval before the company agrees to them. The specifications are subject to the interpretation of the estimator. Customers will be notified immediately if an alteration is necessary in their estimate.

Graphic design is estimated for the initial proof. Customers making changes to the original order instructions are subject to charges for the additional time needed to make the changes. Graphic design errors by our customer service experts or graphic designers are corrected at no charge to the client if presented by the client at the time of proofing. All final approvals are the client’s responsibility.

Client supplied art will be submitted for proof approval whenever necessary. If it becomes necessary for the client to re-submit the artwork, there may be additional charges for additional time to prepare the file and prepare or create new proofs.

If color is CRITICAL, a Pre-Production Proof is always recommended. Your PDF proof at time of order is not a means for color proofing. This is because color from one computer monitor or another will vary based on the settings on each monitor in addition to the difference in computer monitor’s display as RGB vs printing as CMYK or spot colors.

Your color press proof, when applicable, is your final opportunity to alter product before it is produced. Because printing is a custom solution for your use only, any error not caught at time of proofing, whether it is our error or yours, is subject to re-run charges that must be paid by the client. Re-run charges are as follows: Digital printed items will receive a 20% discount. Offset printed items will receive a 30% discount. These discounts allow us to re-run your items for our actual cost, as we would never want to profit from any mistake made by our clients.